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7 Interesting Facts about CBD Gummies

1. CBD oil and CBD gummies are primarily the same, but how they interact with your body is slightly different.

When you use CBD oil, you typically absorb 20% sublingually. With a gummy, if you chew it a lot, you could get a bit extra absorbed bucilly (under the tongue, absorbed through tissue)

2. Gummies are beginning to become more affordable!

Now you can typically get them for the same price as oils. For instance, over the past 6 months, CV Sciences dropped their price for gummies, while increasing their portions in gummy products! Here’s a link to that product.

3. Gummies can be great for stress & anxiety, and in some cases, even more ailments.

With higher dosages and potency, they can also help with pain and inflammation. For instance, Charlotte’s Web has a quality calming gummy. It’s great for stress & anxiety because it contains lemon balm and theanine, but we wouldn’t usually recommend it for pain and inflammation. On the other hand, the CV sciences gummy mentioned above can be great for stress, anxiety, sleep, and even pain and inflammation.

4. Gummies can be obtained in full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate, just like CBD oil.

It can be harder to manufacture full spectrum hemp gummies. Sometimes higher doses such as 25-50mg, they often are CBD isolate. However, CV Sciences has a full spectrum that is 10mg that can be quite effective.

5. If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, gummies usually taste good!

This is the most obvious benefit of gummies that we’re all familiar with.

6. Gummies can be great for kids with stress, anxiety, or special needs.

In many cases, kids with social anxiety can benefit greatly from CBD gummies. Of course, gummies typically taste a bit better than other types of CBD, so it’s better for kids.

7. Gummies can come in many different flavors!

With CBD oil, typically taste isn’t as much of a concern. If you’re looking for gummies, you might be looking for something that tastes better. Gummies have a lot of options when it comes to flavor.

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