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6 Best CBD Oil, Gummy and Balm Products

Which work best for stress, inflammation, calm, and your specific needs?

Have you ever tried CBD before? Whether your answer is yes or no, finding the best CBD oil, or any other product, can be quite subjective. There are a lot of overwhelming details involved in choosing a CBD. Our goal here is not to tell you ALL of the details, but to lead you directly to the best CBD oil for your specific needs.

For each product below, we’ve checked for a certificate of analysis, third party testing, and made sure that it is grown organically and responsibly. We also look into details such as the concentration and spectrum of the product. If you want to know all the details behind buying a quality CBD product, click here.

Many people aren’t aware of the differences with CBD products – this can result in buying a product that looks similar to another, but has only a fraction of the potency. (Then you spend far more than you wanted.) While most products contain the same general chemicals, there are other details that can be incredibly different between types of CBD. Some can be far more effective than others at addressing specific ailments such as pain, anxiety, inflammation, seizures, and in some cases, even cancer!

So let’s dive in. Which CBD product is best for YOU?

1. Pack a big bunch with a small drop of +PlusCBD Oil, Spray & Softgels

What it’s great for: PlusCBD is a product that packs a lot of punch without needing much. You can accomplish far more with just a small dosage of this product than with a lot of others. To see our full line of products from this manufacturer, click here.

Form/Application: +Plus CBD comes in drops, spray, or softgels.

Concentration: +Plus CBD has softgels, spray and drops available anywhere from 500mg and higher, depending on concentration and the form you purchase in.

Price: The spray and drops start as low as $49.99. (Here are Hemp Health, we have a great relationship with CV Sciences, the creators of +PlusCBD, so we can get you an additional 10% off the +PlusCBD products. Click here to get the discount code.

THC: This is a full spectrum hemp extract, so there is a low concentration of THC. Full spectrum does typically have much more potent effects than a broad spectrum or concentrate, so you can do a lot with a little!

Get 10% Off Your First Order

Our goal is to win your trust by not only providing the information and research to help you find a solution for your needs, but to also find you the best price!

2. Stay Clam with Baywater Farms CBD.

What it’s great for: Baywater Farms CBD is surprisingly helpful for stomach issues, nausea, pain, and anxiety. Often, stomach issues are a result of anxiety. Baywater farms can help with both! Their products are grown and sourced very responsibly.

Form/Application: Baywater Farms CBD Oil is similar to many other oils. You can take it topically, or orally.

Concentration: +Plus CBD can be purchased in 500mg and 1500mg concentrations.

Price: Baywater Farms products start as low as $45. When you up the concentration, the price goes up, but so does the effectiveness of course. Baywater Farms is another of our favorite partners, and you can purchase their products right here.

THC: This is also a full spectrum hemp product with a low concentration of THC. It’s much more potent than broad spectrum or concentrate.

3. Beat Stress and Seizures with Charlotte’s Web.

What it’s great for: Most people who know about CBD oil are aware of Charlotte’s web. At first glance, it does seem cost effective, but you have to be sure to compare concentrations. Charlotte’s Web is great for stress and anxiety, though it’ll cost a bit more to get the same results in these areas than it does with the previous two products. However, it is uniquely excellent for seizures. It was originally produced for a young girl named Charlotte who frequently suffered from seizures. You can browse our Charlotte’s Web CBD products here.

Form/Application: Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil is similar to many other oils. You can take it topically, or orally. Just make sure to compare concentrations. They also carry a lot of balm and gummy products.

Concentration: Charlotte’s web CBD starts at 7mg concentration. What we carry goes up to about 100mg in concentration. So more or less, you need much more of it to reach the same concentration of Baywater Farms or +PlusCBD.

Price: Charlotte’s Web products start as low as $29.99 for 7mg and can be up to $274.99. Check concentrations to compare prices.

THC: Most Charlotte’s web products are full spectrum and contain low doses of THC.

4. The Best CBD Oil for avoiding THC.

What it’s great for: CBD MD is affordable, it can come in high concentration, and it is typically a great option for broad spectrum CBD if THC is not an option for you. This gives you some of the same benefits you can get from other hemp extracts, without it simply being a pure isolate. Click here to shop our CBDMD products.

Form/Application: CBD MD is similar to many other oils. You can take it topically, or orally.

Concentration: CBDMD oil starts at 300mg. However, we typically do not recommend broad spectrum at all, since it loses many of the benefits that full spectrum has. If someone must use broad spectrum and even a very low dose of THC is not in the cards, using a higher concentration is a great idea.

Price: CBDMD oil starts as low as $29.99 for 300mg. As mentioned, you’ll likely want to use a much higher concentration if you do not want to use a full spectrum hemp product.

THC: CBDMD Oil does not contain THC.

5. Tasty bang for your buck: +Plus CBD Gummies

What it’s great for: If you don’t like the taste of conventional oils, CBD gummies are a great options. These gummies are also excellent for your gut health and help good bacteria flourish! Click here to learn more about these gummies. +PlusCBD has recently increased the amount of gummies included in their packages, and lowered the price. A win-win. And if you want even more of a discount, you can get a 10% off first-time customer coupon from us!

Form/Application: Gummies are consumed orally, as you might expect.

Concentration: +PlusCBD gummies come in a 10mg concentration. You’ll have to take quite a few of them to keep up with the potency of other products, but they do taste great!

Price: These gummies start as low as $27.99.

THC: This product is a full spectrum gummy, so it does contain a low concentration of THC.

6. The best topical CBD oil: +Plus CBD Roll-On

What it’s great for: This is a great topical option for CBD. You don’t have to ingest it. It doesn’t necessarily help as much with inflammation as other products, but it can be very helpful for pain. Like we mentioned previously, you can also get a 10% off first-time customer coupon from us to try it. If you’re ready to give it a try, you can click here.

Form/Application: This can be applied similarly to deodorant. You can place it in any effected area of your body and rub it on.

Concentration: +PlusCBD roll on starts at 500mg – similar to an oil.

Price: +PlusCBD Roll On starts as low as $27.99.

THC: This product is a full spectrum formula, so it does contain a low dose of THC.

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Our goal is to win your trust by not only providing the information and research to help you find a solution for your needs, but to also find you the best price!