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CBD Covid Relief – How CBD May Help With Covid

A lot of people have been asking: Can Hemp help with Covid? 

This is not medical advice, and Covid should be taken seriously. But one thing we do know is that the symptoms of Covid may be helped with CBD. 

CBD works as an anti-inflammatory. Covid often raises Cytokine levels. CBD may help lower them and relieve inflammatory symptoms.

Other supplements you can use to help boost your immune system include: 

  • Vitamin D: 2000-5000 units/day
  • Vitamin C: 2000-4000 mg/day
  • Zinc: 50-100 mg/day
  • Quercetin: 500-1000 mg/day
  • Probiotic

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message us on Facebook, or call us at (410) 749-2195.

While you should be sure to follow CDC recommendations if Covid symptoms call for it, CBD is great to have on hand when symptoms arise.

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