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Choose the right CBD product for your symptoms

If you want to get powerful relief or dramatic results, picking the right product at the right dosage is the key. Learn how here.

Through many years of working with CBD products, I’ve seen things that are just short of a miracle.

A few years ago, a young woman came into my store with a problem. She knew my son, who told me that I could help. This young woman was incredibly anxious. Her social anxiety was so bad that she would throw up constantly. It was hard to be in public, because she never knew when she was going to have to run for the nearest restroom—or trash can—or when she would have to apologize for throwing up on the floor.

She wanted to go to her brothers’ wedding out of state. But the poor girl was terrified she would make a scene. Imagine being the one to barf all over the floor on the happiest day of your brother’s life.

As I talked to her, I knew she was having difficulty even standing there in the store with me. She was fidgety and avoided eye contact. She was breathing in a very regulated way, as if to calm herself down.

CBD did more than help her. We put her on a Baywater Farms tincture and within a week, she told me her life had totally changed. 

And it was true. She was a different person. The next time I talked to her, she was totally comfortable with the conversation—laughing and smiling. She had totally come alive.

And yes, she went to the wedding.

That’s why I believe in CBD products. Because I’ve seen things just short of miracles, like that.

For me, the key to giving this young woman her life back was picking the right product at the right dosage. 

We talk a bit about how to find the right dosage in our article, “The REAL way to dose CBD: Our dosing chart explained”. Take some time to read through that article. Dosing isn’t a one-size-fits-all process, and everyone’s endocannabinoid system is totally different and requires careful work to reach homeostasis.

Not only is it important to get your dosage correct, it’s important to pick the right product for your needs. If you want powerful results like this young woman I worked with, the right product is critical.

Different Ways to Take CBD

There are lots of different ways to take CBD. Our recommended methods are tinctures & oils, edibles, or capsules. Depending on what your symptoms are, different types

Typically, starting out with a tincture or oil is a great way to go for many different types of issues. If you are looking for stress or anxiety relief, anything from tinctures to gummies can be helpful. However, if you are looking for pain relief or relief from inflammation, you may need something stronger.

Different Products for Different Symptoms

For pain and inflammation, I like to recommend CV Sciences. They are overall great for pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. 

For pain & inflammation, CV Science’s 1500mg is a great option to purchase online. However, if you find you need a higher dose, you can call us to purchase the Pro Line Plus CBD Pro, a 2000mg bottle. CV Sciences has a policy that does not allow this to be purchased online, but you can call us at (410) 749-2195 to order.

Up until a few weeks, we wouldn’t have recommended gummies for pain & inflammation. The price point was simply not affordable for the dosage you were able to get. But, CV Sciences just released a new product. Now you can get 600mg of CV Sciences gummies for $45. 

For stress & anxiety, we generally recommend a bottle of 1000mg or less. 

CV Sciences sells a 250mg and a 750mg. They also have capsules available, in 10mg and 15mg increments.

CBD and Drug Testing

Some people are concerned that they may not pass a drug test if they use CBD products. In some cases, this can be a concern. CBD itself will not cross-react for a drug test. To be extra safe, we recommend you use THC-free products to eliminate the chance of triggering the test. However, the percentage of THC in most CBD products is so low that this is generally not a concern.


Many people buy CBD products online and find it doesn’t work for them. In my experience, much of what you buy online isn’t what it says it is. We’ve done the research as real pharmacists, and we make sure to only stock products that are third party tested.

If you want to get powerful relief or dramatic results, a great CBD product at a dosage that’s appropriate for your endocannabinoid system is critical. 

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