We recommend starting with a sublingual oil so you can start low and titrate your dose up. We also recommend that you commit to 2 to 4 months for your desired health benefits.  The key to success with your hemp product is patience and working your dose up until you get relief

One of the most important things to be very clear on is that there is no ‘across the board’ dose for CBD Oil. The very best way to find the amount of CBD that will be effective for you is to begin low 5-10 mg at bedtime. After 3 days, increase to twice daily and slowly work your dose up every 3 days. Once you get the desired results, stay at that dose. You may always increase or decrease your dose to get your desired health results. Certain conditions take a longer time and a higher dosage. We have seen people get no benefit for weeks then get relief on week 7 or 8. 

It is also good to recognize that the needs of your body are not exactly the same each day. Most people find an average daily dose that is helpful but they also acknowledge that on some days, the dose needs to be increased a bit due to variables such as changes in the weather, pain from ‘overdoing it’ a bit, or a stressful event.

Almost everyone who is considering CBD asks, “Why can’t I just start with the highest dose capsule?” Many folks are put off by the oral spray or sublingual (under the tongue) oil format… but it is an important tool for you and here’s why:

The oral oils allow you to begin at the modest dose of 3 to 12 mg of CBD and increase very gradually over a 2 to 4 month trial. This slow introduction greatly increases the chance that you will experience as much receptor activation as possible. If you begin at higher doses prior to ‘nudging’ your receptors you may be wasting some of the CBD. There is no advantage to starting at the highest dose.

Once you have established your “foundation” dose, then you can decide which format will best serve your needs. Capsules & soft gels are available in a variety of doses. We believe that placing the oil under your tongue provides the best absorption. We even have ointments if you have targeted issues with one joint.

There are also those who find that a capsule in the morning and a few sprays or drops in the afternoon provides their custom dosage. Remember, everyone is different. In the end, you are using the introduction of CBD to slowly wake up your body, setting the stage for the best results, and finding the optimal dose for your targeted wellness issues.

Introducing… The Dosing Schedule!

Health Condition Starting Dose/
Target Dose*
Approx. Time to Relief
Stress/Anxiety 3-6mg at bedtime,
up to 12-25mg per day
About 1 week
Joint Pain 6-12mg at bedtime,
up to 25-50mg per day
2-6 weeks
Back Pain 6-12mg at bedtime,
up to 30-75mg per day
Up to 8 weeks
Crohn’s/Colitis 6-12mg at bedtime,
up to 30-75mg per day
8-12 weeks
Parkinson’s/MS 6mg at bedtime, up to
12-25mg per day
6-8 weeks
6-12mg at bedtime,
up to 30-100mg per day
Up to 3 months

Increase by 1/4 to 1/2 dropper every 3 to 7 days until you’re feeling the relief you’re looking for. At that point, you can hold at that dose and don’t need to increase any further. Some people increase their dose for a few days as needed (for example, before a stressful event or greater physical exertion), and then back down to their baseline daily dose.

*Target dose is typically split twice daily. For example, a target dose of 50mg per day could be split into 25mg twice daily for a total of 50mg.

Another approach to dosing

Once you choose your starting dose, use that at bedtime for 3 days. After 3 days then use that same dose in the morning and evening for 3 days. 
Day 1-3 Dose x bedtime
Day 4-6 Dose x twice daily
Day 7-9 Dose x morning , 2x(starting dose x2) at bedtime
Day10-12  Dose 2x (twice the starting dose) twice daily
You may continue going up every 3 days or you may increase at a slower rate after the first two weeks. Whenever you get the desired relief you may stay at that dose.

Rushing through the dosing schedule does not provide any additional benefit, and may cause you to waste the CBD oil that you’ve invested in.

The first thing you will notice with CBD is you will sleep better in the first few days and then anxiety will decrease in the first 2 weeks. Pain and inflammation will take anywhere from 2-8 weeks. Autoimmune diseases take longer for results, and can take 2-6 months for the best results, our patients tell us.

Pay attention to your body. Maybe there are certain areas of your body that really hurt every morning when you wake, or prevent you from falling asleep at night, or flare up when you engage in a specific activity (reaching up to get something from the kitchen cabinet, swinging your leg up when you get onto your bike). Pay attention to these as you move through your first days using CBD. If at any point you feel that some of this pain that you have become used to is changing or reducing, make a note of this on the back of your chart. If at some point you realize that you are just feeling a bit better in general, make a note of this.

You can ‘pause’ your trial at any point and REPEAT that same dose for a few days to determine if that is a good daily dose for you. (i.e., on day 10 you really feel a reduction in pain… rather than moving onto day 11 you are going to do the Day 10 dose for 2 or 3 days. Maybe this is your dose? Has your pain gone from a level of 10 to a level of 6? Or less? Is your stress response easing up? Anxiety diminishing? Sleep improving?

If you have experienced a reduction in pain or anxiety but would like to see if you can get an even better result, then go ahead and proceed with increasing the dose until desired results

Once you have determined your best dose, then you can choose which format is best for you.


  1. The dosing trial is meant to continue until you get relief. CBD takes 4-12 weeks to see the results you desire depending on what you are using it for. The key is patience and working your dose up every 3-7 days until desired effect. 
  2. CBD & your prescription medications: With rare exception (e.g., blood-thinning medications ), there is no conflict with medications during the dosing trial. If you find that CBD is a good tool for you and you are interested in ongoing use, then it is wise to speak to your prescribing physician. CBD makes use of some of the same pathways in the body that many common medications use. Over the long run, this “competition” for pathways may lessen or increase the effectiveness of a medication. Your physician can monitor this at your check-ups and make dosing adjustments if needed. Do not make these adjustments on your own. If you are taking a specialized medication or have an acute health condition with related medications, please speak to us about this prior to beginning your trial.

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