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CBD for Pain & Inflammation

We often take our bodies for granted—until they stop working the way we expect. Pain & inflammation can be excruciating and debilitating. We speak with hundreds of people every year who are seeking freedom from a painful daily struggle. The good news is, CBD can help. CBD offers an alternative to medications with nasty side effects. 

How CBD can help your endocannabinoid system system

Pain is simply a signal, sent from your body to your brain. In most cases, pain is good—it’s a sign that something is wrong. Before you seek to numb pain, make sure that you’ve looked into root causes. Improving diet and exercise, sleeping enough and stretching often can make a massive difference. But, in many cases your pain may be a result of an injury or imbalance that’s not easy to correct.

If you’re still experiencing pain or inflammation, CBD can help. CBD helps to ease the process of signals sent from the tiny receptors in your body to your brain.

CBD can help pain & inflammation, according to science

recent scientific review evaluated CBD’s effect on chronic pain. The review surveyed studies conducted between 1975 and 2018. Various types of chronic pain were studied, including:

  • cancer pain
  • neuropathic pain
  • fibromyalgia

The review concluded that while CBD did not have the negative side effects of some other drugs, it did provide powerful pain relief.

How does CBD help?

Ease the start of inflammation

CBD effects a class of molecules called cytokines. Cytokines are some of the molecules that begin the process of inflammation. CBD lowers cytokine levels, which reduces inflammation at its root cause.

Ease inflammatory signals to the brain

Inflammation is complex, but we know that inflammatory responses are created by molecules called eicosanoids. Their job is to signal when something is wrong. For maximum results, combined CBD with raw CBD. Raw CBD inhibits an eicosanoid enzyme called COX2, which helps to reduce inflammatory signals to the brain. This is the same method that Advil or aspirin use. (CV Sciences produces an excellent raw product that works synergistically with regular CBD.)

Ways to consume CBD to help with pain & inflammation

There are a number of different ways to consume CBD. As you work with us, we’ll help you discover the best method of consumption for your use.

Tinctures & Oils

A dropper is used to take tinctures and oils. The dropper allows you to easily measure your intake, which is typically in drops. For more information, read about dosing here. Because the CBD reaches your bloodstream quickly, it can kick in in as little as ten minutes. This allows for very fast relief.

Edibles & Capsules

CBD can be added to nearly any food. It is commonly added to gummies because of their ease of consumption. Additionally, CBD can be added to capsules, which are similar to pills. These are a very convenient way to take CBD on the go.

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