I’ve been using CBD oil for over 5 months now. I’ve been diagnosed with Crohn’s for 7 years and only been in remission for less than 3 years on and off. The main treatment is pharmaceutical drugs usually mixed in with steroid treatment when things get real bad. I’ve had not only little success in treating it with the drugs, but the side effects have been just as bad as the Crohn’s symptoms. The more research I did, the more I started to come across CBD oil in treatment options for Crohn’s. Within 2 weeks, I noticed significant inflammation reduction in my GI system which has led to higher quality of life and fewer symptoms from Crohn’s/UC that were really limiting my day-to-day life. I have been basically able to return to a “normal life”, increased sleep, no pain, and solid digestion patterns. I would certainly recommend this product for anyone dealing with these issues.

Brandon H.