My almost 15-year-old Labrador Retriever mother (Sunnie) has had a lot of arthritis pain in her hips over the past year or so. Giving her CBD has helped her significantly over the past 3 – 4 weeks (I started to administer it seven weeks ago). She moves with more flexibility and grace. Getting on or off of the sofa is easier (big deal for retired dogs). Stairs and walking improved. Almost no barking for no apparent reason at night anymore.


Update: Sunnie is still much more comfortable than before taking Charlotte’s Web PAWS Hemp Extract Oil.  She could not go down stairs without a good deal of help before I started giving it to her. Now she can. She has been able to comfortably manage walks of up to a mile, while about 100 yards was the most she could handle before the CBD oil started working. She even trotted short distances a few times a couple of days ago. If dogs could smile…

Dave F.

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