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The REAL way to dose CBD: Our dosing chart explained

Not getting the results you’re looking for from CBD? You might be using the wrong dose.

Two years ago, I met a retired man who told me he had terrible back pain. He told me his pain was an eight or nine on a scale of one to ten—all the time. It effected every part of his life. It was  debilitating.

If you’ve ever experienced back pain, you know that it takes over your life. It makes everything difficult—it’s painful to move, panic-inducing to sit still, and hard to sleep.

My new friend had tried going through every possible conventional treatment. He had even been on strong narcotics. No matter what he tried, he was in excruciating pain.

“I can help this guy,” I thought to myself. I had been in the CBD industry long enough to see miracles happen. So we worked together to identify some tinctures and a treatment plan.

One week passed. Still, he was in incredible pain. Two weeks—no change. 

I began to get stressed around six weeks. The idea of this kind retired man living out the rest of his days in agony made my eyes mist. But I knew enough to know that we needed to try a little longer.

At eight weeks, I had my suspicion, based on experience—the dose simply wasn’t high enough. I met with him and discussed his options, and we increased his CBD intake.

That made all the difference. Within a couple of weeks, his pain was gone.

He was able to sleep without pain. He was able to sit still. He was able to go for walks, and play with his grandkids again. 

He had his life back.

This is why I care about helping people find the correct dose. It can make a huge difference in their quality of life. We don’t believe in just starting people on a high dose. That can have negative side effects and be unnecessarily expensive for them. Rather, we work with them to discover what their body responds to best.

How we dose at The Hemp Health

People come to The Hemp Health all the time not knowing how much to take or how often to take it. Sometimes, they buy a bottle of CBD and there are no directions on the bottle. So they go online and start to try to read different methods and formulas, but nothing seems quite right. And that’s for a reason—everyone is different.

That’s why we don’t use a one-size-fits-all method of dosing at The Hemp Health. Some companies recommend dosing by a person’s weight. But everyone’s endocannabinoid system is a little bit different. Our goal is to bring people’s bodies into homeostasis—a state of balance.

We don’t believe in starting people on a high dose, because that can have negative side effects and be unnecessarily expensive for them. The easiest way to find a dosage that works for you is to simply work your way up.  

So, we start people low and work our way up to a dose that works for them. We generally recommend starting your dosing bedtime for the first 3 days. We then recommend dosing twice daily. Here are some target doses for different issues:

ConditionStarting Dose / Target DoseAverage Time to Relief
Anxiety / Sleep5-10mg at bedtime, up to 10-15mg twice dailyAbout 1 week
Joint Pain6-12mg at bedtime, up to 15-30mg twice daily2-6 weeks
Back Pain6-12mg at bedtime, up to 15-50mg twice dailyUp to 8 weeks
Crohn’s / Colitis6-12mg at bedtime, up to 15-50mg twice daily8-12 weeks
Parkinson’s / MS 6mg at bedtime, up to 15-25mg twice daily6-8 weeks
Fibromyalgia, auto-immune diseases6-12mg at bedtime, up to 25-50mg twice dailyUp to 3 months

Increase by ¼ to ½ dropper every 3 to 7 days until you’re feeling the relief you’re looking for. At that point, you can hold at that dose and don’t need to increase any further. Some people increase their dose for a few days as needed. For example, before a stressful event or greater physical exertion. Then, they can go back down to their baseline daily dose.

Typically, you should take your target dose twice daily. For example, if your target dose is 50mg for the day, you might take 25mg in the morning and 25mg at night.

Confused about any of this? No worries—we’re here to help. Call us at the phone number below, and we’ll walk you through how dosing works and come up with a custom plan for you. It might take some time, but it will be worth it!

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