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What are the Benefits of CBD Oil?

Whether this is your first time learning about CBD, or you’ve been enjoying the many benefits of CBD oil for a long time, we want to shed some light on all it can bring to your life and daily health.

Many people are aware of some of the more common benefits, however, the health effects can go deeper than most people are aware!

First, we’re going to simply list many of the benefits CBD has, then we’ll go into detail on how and why those are important.

CBD has the following advantages:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Calms anxiety and stress
  • Aids the brain
  • Aids your gut
  • Does NOT tear up the gut and liver like other products

Those are the benefits plain and simple. But there’s more to it than that.

Here’s how CBD is different from over the counter pharmaceuticals:

It doesn’t wear down your body with unwanted side effect: If you were to use a product such as ibuprofen to calm pain & inflammation, you may run into many other side effects. Brain fog, occasional nausea, or worse. Not to mention, if these products are used continually, it can slowly ware down gut lining and the liver.

CBD meets inflammation at the source: When you use other products, it often just “blocks” the side effects. CBD actually cuts to the source of inflammation, lowering the cytokine levels that actually cause the inflammation in the first place.

The substances that can be found in CBD Oil:

The terms “hemp oil” and “CBD oil” are often used interchangeably. Most people mean the same thing when referring to them. Legal CBD oil comes from the hemp plant, so both are the same – the difference is going to be in what substances can be found in each.

Here are some of the subsctances one might find in any CBD oil:

  • Cannabinoids: Each different cannabinoid that can be found in a Hemp plant has a different effect. For instance, CBG is a type of cannabinoid with anti-cancer properties. CBN can help with relaxation.
  • THC: This is the psychoactive part of the plant. Enough of it can get you high. Hemp in the US legally must contain under .3% THC, so you typically will not experience a high from it unless you dose large quantities. THC can also help relieve anxiety.
  • Terpenes: The terpenes within CBD oil are basically essential oils. You might have something like lavender which aids in relaxation.
  • CBD: CBD is the part of the plant that has anti-inflammation and anxiety reduction properties. It gets to the root of pain and reduces cytokine levels. CBD can also be isolated.

Lastly, it’s important to consider the difference between Full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. They each contain a different combination of the above substances.

If you want to learn more about the difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate, read our article about how to effectively stop pain with hemp oil.

The short answer, full spectrum contains all of the above substances. Broad spectrum does not have THC, and CBD isolate is just that: Pure CBD. We typically recommend full spectrum CBD in order to take full advantage of all the benefits of CBD oil.

If you’re ready to give CBD a try, or want to dig in deeper, make sure to visit our store!

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